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Residential Cleaning Service

Wouldn’t you like to come home to Your clean castle. The kids are running around, you’ve got a lot to do, and you know you need to tidy up but you can’t get to it! At some point, all those small messes can really pile up. You don’t have a lot of time on your hands, That’s where we come in; here at Pennant Smith Cleaning Company; we know the value of a clean and organized environment. We will ensure your home is as spotless as can be!

Commercial Cleaning Service

Whether your business is large or small, the team at Pennant Smith Cleaning Company is here to help it look its best. Our professionals have the skills and knowledge to clean your floors, walls, and other areas of your building to meet and exceed your satisfaction. Serving clients living in the South Jersey area, our commercial cleaning company aims to keep every inch of your commercial space clean and organized as it should be!

Laundry Services

I can imagine how tired you must be coming home from work and having to clean and do laundry and take care of your household. Well Pennant Smith Cleaning Company can now clean and also do the laundry while we’re cleaning. We offer a variety of options.

After Construction Clean Up

During the process of residential move out windows, walls, floors, bathroom, bedrooms, rugs, wood floors and kitchen all need a detail clean. We remove dust and dirt from all types of surfaces.

Our team take extra precaution to ensure that they will not risk damage to your property while they work. We ensure:

  • Vacuum all carpeted floors
  • Remove dirt and dust from all tubs, tile, mirrors, cabinets, flooring, moldings, windows, hardware, lights and other surfaces.
  • The entire home is transformed from a dirty construction site to a dust free move in environment.

Our employees start by vacuuming every square inch of the home including walls, ceilings, wood work, stone, appliances, floors, etc. using a special HEPA vacuum with a very fine filter to remove most of the dust in the house. Then, we wipe all surfaces excluding flat wall paint and/or fabrics using a moist towel to remove any dust in the home. When we are done, your home is truly a dust-free environment.

Move-in Move-out Cleaning

When you’re leaving a rental unit, it’s imperative to leave it in the condition you found it when you arrived. This can affect recommendations for all your future rentals. Thankfully you can turn to us to take care of the dirty work for you while you relax. Our customer service team is experienced in giving you an accurate and realistic portrait of your circumstances and the costs of your job.

The often-trying time of moving in or out of a location can be completely stress free for you. It’s beneficial to hire our cleanup experts because it allows you time to take care of other important matters while we do all the work. You have our Guarantee that the job will be done right!

All moving projects are handled by our extremely experienced team of professional moving technicians. They’re fully trained in orchestrating even the most complex of moving cleanup jobs. We vacuum, mop, tidy, pack, and do many other activities so that the place you are moving into or out of is immaculate.

Equipment plays an important part in moving jobs. We’re constantly replenishing our equipment when something more effective comes out. That’s one of our biggest assets. We’re not afraid to replace even still-working equipment if a better tool comes along. That’s to our customer’s benefit and to us, the customer is our top priority. If you need a move in/out cleanup job completed, please don’t hesitate to call our team. You’ll find our customer service operators are excellent at handling even the roughest of moving projects.

Maid Service

Finding someone you can trust to clean your home is important to most people. Pennant Smith Cleaning Company specializes in finding and working with only the best maids in the housekeeping industry! We specialize in providing professional maid services, housekeeping and house cleaning services at a very reasonable cost. Book your maids for your house cleaning today.

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”

A clean property speaks a thousand words. First impressions are extremely important, and the last thing you would ever want is for someone to judge you because of the way your property looks. But maintaining the level of cleanliness required is anything but easy. Not only does it require detailed attention, but it’s a hands-on task many simply do not have time for.

Do not stress. Pennant Smith Cleaning Company will take care of all your janitorial needs for you. Helping you to maintain the cleanliness of your property, our team of qualified individuals focuses on what they can do for you – at a better price and with higher standards than anyone else.

Whether you are looking for a one-time deep clean or routine weekly service, we provide you with an unmatched level of expertise. Using environmentally friendly cleaning services, and implementing industry-leading techniques and methods, you can trust that when you work with Pennant Smith Cleaning Company, you are working with the industry’s best.

Focusing on what we can do for you, we make our services completely customizable, catering to your needs. With a 24-hour, money-back guarantee, and a determination to exceed expectations, you can trust at when we say clean, we mean clean.

For a complete list of our residential and commercial services, or with any questions about how to schedule your free inspection, contact one of our professional team members today.